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In 2017, Louisiana adopted criminal justice reforms that will save our state $262 million, reduce our prison population and make Louisianans safer.

These reforms are under attack. If we fail to protect the package, Louisiana will go back to its wasteful spending on mass incarceration. The opportunity to save tax dollars and reinvest in programs that will prevent crime, build up our communities and help crime survivors will be lost. There is too much at stake.

Tell your representatives to protect the package.

MAke the call

Use the following script, if needed, when calling your representatives at the link below.
Hi. This is YOUR NAME from CITY.

I am calling to ask Governor Edwards to VETO any legislation that rolls back last year’s criminal justice reforms.

We cannot afford to roll back the smart reforms that received bipartisan support last year. Governor Edwards and lawmakers promised us they were serious about reducing the prison population and saving our tax dollars.

Why would he allow them to be rolled back in less than a year?

These laws are overwhelmingly favored by Louisianans. I respectfully ask that Governor Edwards protect the package and VETO any rollbacks.

Thank you for your assistance.
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We need your help to protect the package, save our tax dollars and continue improving Louisiana’s broken criminal justice system. 

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